Skip to Step The examples will use the following information: If the USB-to-serial converter has not been installed, install the necessary drivers per the instruction supplied by your USB-to-Serial device. However, the items described in this document are subject to continuous development and improvement. The information can be accessed at the Enfora website http: Released Document Control ID: This limited warranty shall not be governed in any respect by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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Verify GPRS activation by sending the following command: At the separation distance of at least 20 cm 7.

If the USB-to-serial converter has not been installed, install the necessary drivers per the instruction supplied by your USB-to-Serial device. In some instances, certain aspects of the product warranty may also be covered in a separate written agreement between Enfora and the distributor or reseller, if any, from whom purchaser purchased the product. The following examples use Windows and HyperTerminal. Refer to the following documentation for additional information, if required: Enfora disclaims all responsibility for any act or omissions, or for breach of law, code or regulation, including local or state codes, performed by a third party.

Gem issues are addressed with the following configuration commands.

Enfora GSM Manuals

Within approximately 60 seconds the wakeup messages should be seen in the window. Enfora shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages, injury to any person or property, anticipated or lost profits, loss of time, or other losses incurred by Customer or any third party in connection with the installation of the Products or Customer’s hsm to comply with the information and instructions contained herein.


With the maximum conducted power at 32 dBm, the maximum antenna gain is 4. Insert the SIM card here — please note that the notch must be in the upper left hand corner.

Enfora Spider SA GSM1308 Quad Band, EDG1228 Quad Band

Do not create loops, sharp bends or crimps in the cables. Verify GPRS status by sending the following command: Then leave the device unplugged.

Some jurisdictions may require a longer warranty period than specified above and, accordingly, for products sold in those jurisdictions the applicable warranty period shall be extended as required under the law of those jurisdictions.

Use proper terminations on all power cables. Enfora further warrants to such original purchaser that, for a period of ninety 90 days from the date of product purchase, any software associated with the product will perform substantially in accordance with the user documentation provided by Enfora, and any software media provided with the product will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal operation.

Any Terminal program should work, using the parameters in Step 1. Your window should look like the following: To install Java Runtime, please visit the Java website here: This manual is copyrighted.

Enfora GSM User guide |

All product names mentioned within this document are the trademark of their respective owners. Enforq antenna must have a nominal impedance of 50 Ohms. This information consists of a microprocessor and memory installed on a plastic card. This product is not intended for use in life support appliances, devices or systems where a malfunction of the product can reasonably be expected to result in personal injury.


This approach, described by FCC Public Notice DA released June 26,is intended to afford relief to equipment manufacturers by eliminating the requirement for obtaining a 1038 equipment authorization for the same transmitter when installed in a new device.

Enfora GSM1308 Manuals

No portion of this document may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or machine form without prior consent in writing from Enfora Inc. Solid when the modem is registered with a GSM network.

On Windows the screen looks like the following: It’s a community-based project 108 helps to repair anything. Pins that are not planned for usage can be left open without anything connected to them.

For the following tests, Java Runtime must be installed on the computer. The examples will use the following information: System antenna gain should be dB for optimum performance.