Save on your wedding

Did you know that you can now rent a wedding gown to wear for your wedding? Yes, it’s absolutely true, and is a very popular thing these days. This is an idea that is very accepted everywhere, and is a great way to save on wedding costs all while making your wedding beautiful in the process. And there’s nothing wrong with renting. You can still have your fabulous wedding without spending all that you have in your savings account.

But not only are wedding gowns the only wedding-related things that can be rented out. Jewelry can be rented out also! You can rent authentic and genuine jewelry a fraction of their actual cost for your wedding day. If you’re someone who loves jewelry and wants elegant and beautiful jewelry to wear at your wedding, then you should consider this option. You can go online or to local bridal shops for leasing options in order to add style to yourself without the expense.

But wedding gowns and jewelry are only 2 things that I’ve mentioned that can be rented out. Here are some more items that can be rented out in order to create the fabulous wedding that you’re dreaming of without the cost:

1) Limousines

What’s a wedding without a limousine? A limousine is standard now for almost all weddings, and is a great way to show up in style for your own wedding. This is also a great way to plan out the travel arrangements for all of your participants in the wedding party. You need to figure out if you need more than one limousine based upon the size of your wedding party.

2) Renting out a more exotic facility

You can rent out exotic locations to host your wedding. You could rent out a mansion, a garden, a beach, or even a castle (depending on your location) to host your wedding. You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional ballroom or church. Why not add some pizzazz to your wedding by including a beautiful wedding location? You could even take it further by renting out the exact location where you met your soon to be spouse. This is a great way to remember your wedding day.

3) The wedding arch

Too add a creative touch to your altar area, you can rent out a wedding arch. This gives an “instant feel” of a traditional wedding no matter where the wedding is held – even if it’s outside. You can have it decorated with flowers, balloons and other decorations that match the color and theme of your wedding. Wedding arches come in all type of sizes, so you have room to choose.

4) Custom Tents

You don’t have to have the average “box tent” for your wedding. You can have a dome-style tent to hold your reception party and hold all of your guests. Dome tents are beautiful and have a ton of extra accessories such as lighting, music, and even projection screens. This can be the perfect replacement if you’re looking for a wedding that is truly “out of the box”.

Use the ideas in this article to save big on your wedding and to have the beautiful wedding you’ve always dreamed about. It’s not too late to start renting, so include this idea in your plans to start saving money on your wedding today.